Good Idea to Speak to Admissions Counselor

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I just received transcripts from my previous education (a bachelor's degree from a non-science field). I want to schedule an appointment with the admissions counsellor to see if I stand any chance as a transfer student, based on my past performance.

1. Is this a good idea?

2. Can admission counsellors "chance" me - or it is not ethical?

3. How should I phrase the request?

Thanks very much, Oy

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If you're dealing with a traditional (not for profit) school, go for it. Their admissions counselors won't tell you anything they're not supposed to, but they will probably have data about previous admissions that could be helpful - such as average GPA, selection ratio, etc. They can analyze your previous college credits and help you figure out which pre-requisites you need to take. Most of the time, they are able to sketch out a preliminary degree plan also.

If you're dealing with a commercial (for profit, investor owned) school - that "admissions counselor" is probably a salesperson whose sole intention is to make sure you've signed a legally binding agreement that will maximize the tuition you will pay them.

Best of luck to you.