Good hospital/nurse friendly in South Florida including Everglades area?

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So I'm looking to relocate eventually to the South Florida area and wondering if there's any hospitals that nurses would say are better generally and have an acceptable/doable nurse patient ratio. It seems all the hospitals are for-profit grr.

I know I would take a cut in pay and also have more patients but I would be able to afford a house there and where I am now I won't ever be able to.

And just so you know, I am an tele/pcu/stepdown nurse with more than a decade of experience. I lived in Mexico for eight years and speak Spanish fluently.


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Look through other threads in this forum (Fla), you may find additional helpful information.

Good luck!



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Heyyy there! Well, it may be easier to list the good ones since the hospitals with bad conditions are too many. I for one can vouch for Baptist Hospital system. The pay is decent, patient ratios are...sketchy. It really depends on which floor you work on and your manager. It's the classic "well the rule book says this but in reality it's that," sort of thing. Generally speaking, expect 1:6 days 1:6-7 on night shift on a med surg floor. I can't comment on specialties.

Memorial Hospital System, well... doesn't pay well and the ratios range from 1:5-6(med-surg/tele patients) 1:4-5 stepdown. Many people are here for the price value of the benefits. It gets really tough because of the demands required by everyone and the hospital system. Of course, FL is not a heavily unionized state, so don't expect much from requests for change , etc.

Those are my 0.02, anyone else care to chime in?



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The pay is good at the University of Miami, but I don't know what their ratios are. Florida in general is all about low pay and private-everything. The few public hospitals that are left seem to get bought by the private conglomerates.

I worked at Sarasota Memorial a few years ago (public hospital), but they worked me like a dog with 6 high-acuity patients a night, one was always a time-consuming admission and at least two were sundowners hellbent on getting out of bed and falling on their faces, bed alarms blaring all night long. Truly a hellish job, and my coworkers were awful.