Good the good pop-up, but still no active license on my state board?

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Hello all really panicking here. I tested in OR yesterday at 8 am. Shut off in 85 questions and it was really hard. Went home, got the good pop-up, but my license still isn't active on my states board of nursing? I'm panicking because every one of my friends came up immediately the next morning, could really use some reassurance. I understand quick results will be 48 hrs, but my license still should've showed up on my states...

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? Thanks for lightening up an otherwise dreary day...

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I suspect the weekend kept it from updating on the BON. Good luck to you. 

Wait 24 more hours and pay for the quick results. There really isn't much else you can do other than call a friend and make a plan to do something today to help take your mind off this. 

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