Good Dosage Calculation Help


Here is, what I think to be, a great outside source of help with dosage calculations. Haha you can even sign up for "dosage calculation of the day." They send it to your email address.

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Great suggestion. I am going nuts watching my classmates NOT practice their dosage calc. They do one problem, proclaim the subject "easy" then when the exam has any deviation from the format of the one problem they did, they brain-lock.

Dosage calculations is like shooting free throws. I don't care how good or bad your skills are, you have to practice often to stay sharp.


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Thank you very much for sharing the link w/ us!!!:up::):yeah:

Thanks for the link! that is so helpful...I really like that there is instant grading for correct or incorrect answers...and if you get it wrong it tells you what you need to exciting...


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I like the link and I liked the post on needing to stay up. You get spoiled with the pharmacy doling out the dose drip etc don't just go by that CHECK them too. It's YOUR lic. I have called pharmancy on wrong dosages etc several times. Be safe. Students please study study study those calc until they are drummed in. Also I always carried a calculation mini card with me to clinicals while I was learning that way you never get called on the wrong when it counts the most. Too many students have been dismissed out of school for this reason. Figure out a way to talk yourself thru them to remember or come up with a acrynym. good luck


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Thank you for the awesome website...I have added it my favorites!!


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I'm glad this website has helped you guys! Please share it with your peers!