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Hello Everyone!!

I have accepted an new position in the OB department of our small rural hospital. My question is does anyone know of a good book/s that I could purchase to learn more about OB. I know I will get a great orientation from my best friend, but I want some preparation before I step into these waters. I have been a peds nurse for two years and did Level II NICU for a year prior to that. If you have any suggestions or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you ...Kelly


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there are so many. AWHONN Has a few. Perinatal Nursing is one of them. There are a quite a few others. Check their site: you may consider becoming a member, there are a lot of learning opps there and reduced prices for their Seminars, too.

I have the Core Curriculum for Inpatient OB Nursing and also Neonatal Nursing. They are published by Mosby, I believe. you can get these thru Barnes and Noble and Amazon. They are great, outline format books packed with info. Also, there is Labor and Delivery in my Pocket. GREAT reference. Check into your OB dept to see if they have any books for you to study and possibly borrow.

I also enrolled in Strong- Perifax program....a great program for ongoing education. See if your dept is involved in any continuing ed programs and get enrolled if they are. Go to as many conferences as time and money permit. Harvey and Troiano and Michelle Murray put out AMAZING programs for all levels of OB nursing. I wish you good luck! I hope this helped.

I will check those options out...thank you so much

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