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I already have my BA and a quite a bit of student loans. I want to get my ADN in CA but I want to work for a couple years and pay some of my loans and save some money for nursing school. Can anyone recommend a good program?

I'm in Northern CA and I know that Yuba, Solano, Napa, and Cabrillo have wait list programs. Here's a link to the Board of Registered Nursing website. You can find all the nursing programs offered in CA and what the NCLEX pass rates are.

Hi Sweatpea23,

I live in Northern CA in South San Jose. There is one very good ADN program at De Anza in Cupertino. But, they are very picky about where you take certain classes and they have a HUGE wait list. Hope this helps.

Hi there, Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut has a great program, they run a lottery system and it takes on average 1-2 years before starting. They have great instructors and support as well as high pass rates. Good luck with your decision.

Any other programs anyone would recommend?

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Contra Costa College (San Pablo, CA), Chabot College (Hayward, CA) and Los Medonos (Pittsburg, CA) are all excellent programs with huge waitlists!

All three of these schools use a lottery to choose their students and the competition is really stiff. I have friends who go to all three schools and some that have also graduated from them. Each and every one of my friends highly recommended these schools to me, but I chose to go the LVN route for now and will then think about the RN (if my husband does not file for divorce when I tell

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