Going to take the plunge and go Army Reserve


Well I graduated in December 2008 and passed my boards on March 27, 2009.

Then I met with the Army Medical Recruiter on April 8, 2008. So, I called her today and left a message that I would like to schedule a physical and begin the process.

I am uncertain if I will be accepted because about 14 years ago I did get into some legal trouble and my credit is horrible. But I am going to apply and be completely honest about everything and see what happens. Plus, if I do like the Army after I complete my 3 year commitment, I just might make a career out of it.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to everyone for taking the time to write in the section because you all have truly helped me make a more informed choice.:yeah:


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Passed boards May 31, 2009??????

Kev, best of luck on working with your recruiter and completing the initial steps towards your commission. The credit isn't so much any issue for anything except the security clearance... and the credit is likely to be a non-issue unless paired with large debts, or history of gambling problems, or anything that would make you a likely candidate for some sort of dire need of cash that might make you willing to choose money over... god, country, self - etc. The legal issue.. that could be anything, but best of luck on that as well. Truly where most would-be applicants get in trouble is the physical due to traits they figure would be a non-issue but turn out to be.. ie color blindness as an example. I had a friend that had gotten through MEPS and was in an Army school with me.. he had gone to the medical station for some health problems.. and he brought up it could be due to his past partial labatamy - he actually got out shortly after that... lol. Apparently he said it was disclosed but was also apparently overlooked by the admitting doc at MEPS.

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Good luck bro. Its a long process. Be prepared to wait and wait some more.

Good for you on your decision to volunteer.


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Good luck and hang in there. It is a long process. I have been waiting for 4 months now. My packet was boarded last week...I hope...my recruiter said it had been sent up with last month's boards, but that was obviously not true, so stay on top of your recruiter. I hope to hear something this week.

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