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Hi, I am very interested in getting into the OR right after graduation. I dont think bedside nursing is going to be a fit for me, and I like the idea of working with one patient at a time, as well as the OR being sealed off and having its own world back there. Surgery can be one of the most nerve racking situations a person can go through, and I would like to help people through that. I am willing to relocate anywhere really to get my experience, then go on to travel nursing. Should I have a problem finding an internship somewhere? Thanks


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All of our new grads were our externs first..........


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You could opt just applying to hospitals as a new GN in the OR. The hospital in which I have a summer internship at right now actually hires a lot of new GNs interested in the OR every year. Find your connections at hospitals through friends, clinical instructors, profs, etc. and try to get the information you need.

Good luck on your OR journey,



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Don't let anyone know you just want to get some experience then off to traveling. Nurse man agers won't appreciate the time and money put into you so you can go off in a few years. They like to think you will be around for awhile. If i was a manager and knew this was your plan, I wouldn't even think about hiring you. This is just for your info and protection, keep your plans under wraps and don't even let your close co-workers know what you are up to. Internship programs want commitment to.


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I am an OR traveler who went into surgery right out of nursing school and have never regretted it. Here's how it worked for me. Expect to do a minimum of 2yrs. at the hospital you train at. You need the experience in order to be competent enough to travel from hospital to hospital. And I agree with shodobe, Don't mention that you are interested in traveling. By giving 2yrs to your initial hospital your not screwing them over because they will have recovered their investment in you at that point and you need 2 yrs minimum in order to travel. Try to get your training at a Level one trauma facility. You will receive the best training there and will be exposed to everything. I trained at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas,Tx - best experience ever. You will probably run into some travel RNs so ask them about their travel experiences and different agencies. Good Luck and I'll see you in an OR somewhere

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awesome advice, thank you

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