Going to NZ on a Work Visa because of Husband


My husband was hired by a company in New Zealand, they ill issue my and my husband working visa but only my husband will be tied to their company. What are my options if i want to practice nursing there asap? Am i governed by the same requirments as when applying as a nurse in NZ from the Philippines? Even if Im already there and have a working visa? By the way, I dont have hospital experience since i just graduated and passed the local board..So I need help how to go about in situations like these since we are moving leaving for NZ next month..Thanks


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Nursing Council of New Zealand currently requires minimum of 12 months post-registration nursing experience (any field will do). You need to have your credentials assessed first by the Nursing Board and have an IELTS score not less than 7.0. After successful assessment, the Council may require you to undergo Competency Assessment Program (6-8 weeks). Your CAP school will forward all your documents to the council immediately after graduation. Waiting time for your REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE (like your PRC board certificate) to arrive varies (could be 2-4 weeks).

You can find the complete step-by-step process at nurse2nz.blogspot.com (mods, i don't know if giving this site is allowed. so if not, please erase):paw:

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Does not matter that you will have a visa that will permit you to work; you are going to need to meet the requirements for licensure in that country as if you did not have that visa. Licensure and immigration are two very distinct issues and with different requirements for where ever you would go to..

You are also going to need to pass the English exams before they will consider you as well. But do suspect that you are going to have issues with being a new grad and not having any experience. Be aware that you may not be able to get a job as an RN. And you need to be aware that even if you have years of experience, there is no way that you are going to be able to work immediately. There is no licensing board in the world that is going to process things quickly.

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