Going on 6 months since Licensure, still no LPN job.. depressed!!

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I am REALLY hoping for you that you get this job! :nurse:


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did you get the job?

Miss Tay

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Yes!!! thank you all!! I got the job- finally I can start working as a nurse!! It is at a long term care facility, full time,day shift,12 hour shifts!! I feel so lucky because rarely do new grads get day shift!! Plus the orientation and support that new grads get is second to none in this area, This really seems like a place that I can stay for a long time. I am so excited to finally start working!

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Just found this post and wanted to check on you and see if everything is looking up for you now...how is the job going?

Ximena2008, RN

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Looking for a job is thought but something will come. I recently passed my RN exam and one thing I did was to apply to every single place. As a nurse you need to see what is there to offer, hospital, nursing homes, home health care, long term care, teaching (I got a teaching job for the cna program), a lot of the colleges are desperate looking for nurses who want to teach, there is also research, case management, travel nursing and much more. Just open up to your possibilities. Nursing is great, no money nor time is wasted by getting your education.


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what part of ohio are you in? i know there are a few places in my area (belmont county, near wheeling, wv and steubenville) that are hiring because most people are moving out of the area. this may not be the best place to work (i constantly swear that i'm moving away from this forsaken place) but it could be a foot in the door and an experience opportunity for future jobs if you live close enough...

best of luck to you!


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Amen...... Graduated 2/12/2009. I have 12 years of Pre-Hospitial emergency exp. . I also apply for MA jobs and LTC jobs..... Anything pays better then EMS

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