Going from med surg to ambulatory surgery - working with kids?

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I've been at the bedside in various specialties for 8 years now. I'm a bit burnt out from it and would like a break. There are several ambulatory surgery positions available in my area right now that I think might be a nice change. I shadowed in ambulatory surgery briefly as a new grad and it's a bit foggy now but I do recall liking it.

My IV skills are a bit rusty as in my current position we don't do lots of IV starts, though in the past when I've done them more I was a lot better.

I don't really like working with children. I love children, I just hate putting them through anything painful. In a previous role I had, I had to administer shots to kids, and I got through it but it sucked.

My biggest concern about transitioning would be working with kids, especially starting IVs on them. I would feel absolutely awful if I missed on a child. So much so I'm not sure if I should even consider ambulatory surgery.

Did anyone have any similar reservations and how is it going now?



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Did you transfer? I actually have the same experience as you. Bedside nursing and working nights started to get to me. I ended up working in outpatient pre op for peds. I only had adult patients before so it is scary in the beginning. I’m 2 years in and my IV skills have improved so much. It’s not as scary anymore especially when you have child life to help w the IV. Just curious what you decided? 



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I’m not in a surgical setting but we do see peds and adults and do in-office procedures. Just talk to kids at their level and try distraction techniques. I try and talk to them about a favorite character if they’re wearing a Paw Patrol shirt or Ninja Turtle shoes. I have a teenager and elementary school age kid myself, so I try and stay current on kids TV shows and YouTubers.  Kids won’t break. They might fuss a minute and some might scream bloody murder, but you won’t break them. A word of warning, the parents are harder to deal with than the kids. Moms of 18-23 year olds won’t let go, so make sure the kids do put mom/dad on the HIPAA form because they are adults but mom won’t let go. LOL.