Going to lpn school in nyc


I have been reading a varieties of posting on lpn schools on this site for the past three years. I would say from what I had read had been 60% negative. After reading all these posting why am I still going to LPN school? Because as an individual I firmly believe you are the master of your own destiny. How conducive you are to a change mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is what produce your output. In the past six years in New York City more LPN school's have been popping up recently. You can go to LPN school and go to LPN to RN program such as the heller keller school, CANNJ have a lpn to adn program. Going straight to a BSN program depends on the mental, emotional and just as important financial support someone have to go straight to a BSN program. As a independent adult I can not lay back and go straight to a BSN program. With the LPN program I can work and go to school. When I graduate I can work at the hospital I am employed at, to be an LPN and go to LPN to RN.

My best advice to anyone looking to be a nurse who does not posses a background. You should first going into a CNA OR Patient Care Technician program, get hire in a hospital. Not, only to get you familiarize with the 'culture of healthcare," but you will get a first hand choice at a job once you graduate. In addition you will have access to tuition reimbursement, some places do not offer that much but some money is better than no money.

Specializes in Pediatric. Has 5 years experience.

I wish I was informed before plunging into an lpn program and getting culture shocked.