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Going through a coding program at a CC?

by Jo Dirt Jo Dirt (Member)

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Since I really want to work from home I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go through the year-long medical coding and medical reimbursement program at the local community college (well, it isn't really "local" but it's the closest one). When I worked in home health we looked up codes to go with our patient's dx and I didn't mind doing this at all. In fact, I would rather have stayed there doing codes all day as having to go out to patient's homes.

Anyway, this program says it prepares you for national certification.

Does this sound like a good idea? I would hate to waste a year on something that really won't be beneficial. I can't afford it.

You can go through a local community college or through one of the national associations to get your basic coding certificate. It's a good move, especially if you are going into the administrative side (ie. UM, CM, etc.,) of nursing. You'll learn more than just coding. You'll learn what's behind billing and reimbursement in a well-rounded program. On top of that, a coding certification will open up all sorts of doors for you as a nurse. Check out http://www.aapc.com and http://www.ahima.org for more information on coding education and credentials.


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You can find more information from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), American Medical Billing Association (AMBA), RN-coder.com, and American Association of Clinical Coders and Auditors (AACCA) websites.

There are numerous employed coders who became certified through self-study. They picked up coding instruction books, studied what was tested on the exam, and passed. You can do it too!

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