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I am new to this forum. I like this type of forum as it is the same as the watergardening forum my husband frequents.

I am an LPN (18 months full time)and am excited as yesterday I made my mind up to get my RN degree. (Clap, clap, clap) Normally it would take 12 months full time, but I will only be able to go part time. Next week I am going to the college I will be attending and do whatever is necessary. All paperwork is to be completed by November 1 and school will not start until May 1, 2001. Eventually I would like to work in LDR or ER.

My husband is very supportive!! I have always struggled with a comprehension problem and more so now as I get older which I am only 46. It seems as if my retention is not quite the same either. But will give it a shot.

I have worked few years in Transitional Nursery and loved it! Also, I have worked for a plastic surgeon for several years. At this time I am a Family Service Worker for Head Start and like what I am doing. Everytime I go to a hospital I feel as if that is where I should be working, there's a feeling that I belong and should be there.

End of May my husband had heart surgery - aortic valve repair--in Cleveland, OH. His surgeon was Dr. Cosgrove. We never seen him but I got to talk with him briefly after my husband's surgery on the phone. Just have to say that Cleveland Hospital was the greatest!!! Such professional care and compassion. What an exceptional hospital!! In a sense I believe that is when I seriously started thinking about furthering my career in nursing.

Just thought I would share,

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Hi Jackie. Welcome to this site. There are lots of good people/nurses here. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your new adventure. Part-time is probably a good idea and more manageable. Hope you reach your goal and get to work in the area you hope to. Take it one day at a time!

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Jackie - Good Luck. I was an LPN for two years before I graduated with my RN. Did a transitional program in Indianaplis, also parttime. I was 34 when I got my LPN and 36 for the RN. You can do it. I now work in a level one trauma center and don't think I would like anything else. Good luck. You can do it. Judi

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