Going back to school! Online nursing degree? Help!

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I hope someone is able to provide some insight, advice or point me in the right direction. 
I have my associates and Bachelor's in Science of dental hygiene. I then re-did my science pre-reqs in hopes of going to dental school. I changed my mind as I started to dislike the profession. I went and enrolled in a Masters program. I completed my MBA. I now have an interest in nursing. I have three children under 3. So I am trying to find a hybrid program. One that I can do course work online and on site for clinicals. I came across Herzing University but have read some bad reviews. Does anyone have an insight or have another school recommendation? 


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Using "hybrid nursing program," I did a search and found many programs offered, not just the one you mentioned.

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From reading your note,better you get some counseling about choice of career,your plate seems full with 3 under 3,unless you have help, there is job search involved after,and shifts,working holidays etc

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