Going back to RN-BSN without concurrently working



I know there is a plethora of RN-BSN programs out there and I want to do one of the programs but I have a problem. Because of personal problems, I have not been able to work steady and it seems that all the RN-BSN programs require the nurse to be working at the same time as doing the program. Is there a way around this? What are my options? Thank you!

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GCU.edu....don't have to be working!! I'm on class #5 right now and enjoy the program. click on the main heading NURSING ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING....and u wil find a few grand canyon threads


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I researched just about all the RN to BSN program in 2007 and none required you to be working. I wanted to finish as fast as possible so I chose UMD program and was done in 2 semesters with the summer off. I was working per diem agency and thank God for that. I did 1 or 2 two shifts per week, sometimes none because of my heavy course load. In the summer I picked up more shifts.