Going ADN then BSN!


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I've made the decision to go to a community college to get my A.D.N then I will proceed to get my MSN to be a NP with a focus in Psychiatry. Many, both in my family and my peers seem to be dissappointed in my decision not to go to a university, but I don't see why? I truly believe that I can get the same quality education at a cc.It's hard and competitive but this is the way I want to go. In my area of nc staff A.D.N and BSN Nurses aren't paid differently. I'm a 17 year old guy who is trying to think economically.My mother and many nurses I know started at a cc and are now charge/unit nurses etc....What are you guys thoughts and experiences? I would just like to know what others are doing cuz I know what I'm doing.thanks in advance!


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You might want to reconsider simply because the master's level NP is being phased out. All NP programs are expected to be doctorate level by the year 2015 (just 5 yrs). There will be options to go directly from a BSN to a DNP but I'm not sure you can get there in one straight shot from an ADN. You'll most likely have to get your BSN somewhere along the way and you might as well do it from the start. A lot of community colleges offer BSN degrees and many are only 1 yr longer than the ADN programs. I think you'd end up spending more time and money if you got your ADN then went back to school for a BSN than if you went for the BSN in the first place.


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Great question!

I started out in a community college A.D.N program myself. I think that you can acheive your goal by attaining your ADN then BSN and so forth. Your ADN helps with the basic skills that you need to function as a nurse and the BSN assists with theory and accelerated critical thinking/ learning. I took an accelerated track BSN program and it really helped alot! I got my BSN 2 years ago and now am in school for my MSN. I was a generic ADN student and I still did it :) You really just need to keep yourself disciplined and keep your eye on the goal............NP.

The lady in the post above is correct though:), I think they are phasing out MSN prepared NP's. The doctoral level is the new wave and will be the wave of the future. You can do it tho........keep your eye on the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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