Give The Tylenol or Motrin For Crying Out Loud


Life as a ER nurse. What could be better. :wink2:

So let me see, let me get this right

Your child has been running a fever most of the night

You didn't give any Motrin or Tylenol before you came here.

Couldn't afford it you say as you talk on your cell phone held to your ear.

You can't afford any medicine for this child

Yet you are wearing designer clothes that are the latest in style.

Your cell phone for texting I see is the latest and greatest thing.

And just look at your nails, and all the fine jewelry you wear, fitting for any queen.

The Temperature is now 100.2

What on earth is it that we can possibly think of to do.

The Dr will get an X-Ray, labs and a blood culture or two.

A complete work up just for you.

Of course nothing is found as we can all suspect.

The child is now playing and seems darn near perfect.

Lets try a little Tylenol or Motrin before you go.

Wow ! The fever is now gone what do you know.

Now the ER bill will soon be due.

No big deal, me and the taxpayers are paying it just for you. :banghead:

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Sad, but true. I see it on a daily basis. :angryfire


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Amen to that! I had two of those last night

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Need a section on: "Well, I wanted you to see how high their fever was".

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