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Give me a reason to Stay in TNA?


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I live in Texas. I've been a member of TNA before getting my first job as a Med Surg nurse on a telemetry floor. I've not done much with it, but they've faithfully deducted my dues monthly until recently that I've been coerced to get a card with a chip in it. I remembered to change my netflix account, my rhapsody account, Amazon, gym etc... but I forgot about TNA and ANA. They sent me a message this month that I need to shape up and provide my new CC or I will be discontinued from their membership roles. I would like to pay my past due money and disappear quietly... As I see no benefit from my prior membership.

I'm just not convinced. If you are a member of TNA or ANA, WHY? And, why is it worth my time? My job is a GREAT one on an awesome floor. My hospital is in the top 100 in Forbes and our specific site on small hospital 100 lists, but yet... they're still waiting on selecting us for magnet (it's going to happen). Even if it doesn't, I like my hospital and I want to stay. Why does it matter if I stay in TNA or ANA or not? It has not helped or hurt me so far.

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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I've actually have been on the fence for renewing my ANA membership; I joined my specialty nursing membership-ENA-and have found more of the information essential to my practice.

My state nursing association has very active chapters and keeps me well informed-I don't mind having the membership; I think in your case you will have to make a decision as to where in your career do you think the TNA helps, or where you can play a part of becoming involved so it can benefit your practice.