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Hi, I am an international nurse. I have a question for you guys.

Thank you in advance for your comments:)

I am thinking of taking the RN exam. But one big problem is that I

didn't hold a license from my home country since I have never

worked before I came to US. So they told me that I am not

eligible for CGFNS certification. But in Illinois state, CGFNS is a

prerequisite for NCLEX. So the only way I can do is to apply for

license from another state(California) which will not require

CGFNS. And then with this license, I apply for CGFNS(is this ok?).

After getting CGFNS, I then endorse my license into an Illinois one.

(the baseline is that I want to work in Illinois)

Do you think this is OK? I have called them(state board) millions

of times. Some of them say: it is ok! But someone said: I don't

know, but you can try... I want your advice because I don't know

if there are some other potential problems: e.g. Would they let

me to do the endorsment immediately after new license release?

Do I first need to activate my license and then do the endorsment?

I am really confused with these problems. If you have any good suggestion, please let me know. I would be very happy to take it.




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I would love to be able to help, but t be honest I barely understand your post! CGFNS??? But I wish you the best of luck with getting registered.

You might have more luck getting a responce if you post this message in the General nursing section,because it seems like a US querry.


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I'd go with whisper post in General Nursing Section

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