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I have decided to make a career change and have chosen nursing as my goal... I already have a BA so am not wanting to start over. There are several programs I'm interested in: UNC Chapel Hill has a program specifically tailored for 2nd Bachelor's students which can be completed in 14-24 mos. My other choice is UCSF Master's Entry program which allows the same, but is a longer program (3 yrs) and v. expensive. However my ultimate goal is to become a nurse practicitioner so that I'm able to incorporate natural medicine and have my own practice.

Anyhow, my question is...does anyone know how competitive this UNC program is...or would like to share any comments on what is the best path for a 2nd degree student with my goals...



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I cannot offer you any advice on the UNC program. A friend of mine created a forum for people interested in becoming a NP w/o BSN. Check it out.

About UCSF-I have interviews at UCSF next week for their Occ Health entry level NP program-if you become a state resident (takes 1 year) first the cost of the program is cheaper than most other schools in this country.

Good Luck,



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Aha! A fellow applicant to UNC! ;)

I have also applied for the 14-mo. program at UNC. I have a B.A. in English. I am anxiously awaiting, or at least hoping for, a phone call from them. (Oh, please call, please call!)

Did you apply for the class starting this May? I am not sure exactly how competitive it is, but I know it is competitive. UNC is a competitive school anyway, and with the school of nursing being one of the top schools in the country, it's going to be pretty competitive. I expect the 14-mo. option is only going to get more and more competitive as word gets out about it.

When I attended an information session there back in the fall, they said that since the application for the program is online, they had no way of predicting how many completed applications they'd receive. (Since they couldn't judge by how many applications they'd mailed out, etc.) The class that started in May 2001 is the first class to go through the 14-mo. program, so they couldn't really predict the number of applicants based on past years, either.

Anyway, good luck with it! Maybe we'll end up as classmates.



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Hi guys!

I'll be interviewing at Duke and UNC medical centers (ICU"S) next month. Any inside info? I know they're both highly rated. It also looks like a wonderful place to live.

Good luck in all your endeavors......:D

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