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Does anyone know about getting hired with a dialysis company without experience? I want to get into this field but have no experience.



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The big 2 hire and train people with no experience all the time. Even people with prior dialysis experience still have to undergo training on the employer's specific policies.

There's a lot of turnover in this specialty. So, there always seems to be openings for various levels of experience.


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It depends on the area. Local to where I work, in the outpatient clinics, there is NOT a lot of turnover and it can take time to get in. Especially if you want to work 1st shift. In the hospital, the turnover of acute dialysis nurses is more frequent, due mostly to the unpredictable nature and schedule of the inpatient dialysis nurse, and on-call requirements that are not a problem in the outpatient setting. But new nurses/nurses from other specialties do get hired all the time. The training for my "big 2" company is several weeks in classroom, and several more on the unit, first as a technician, then moving up to training as a nurse. The training is comprehensive and thorough.


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Timing is everything. A few years ago, the big 2 would not even talk to you unless you have experience. Now they are hiring straight out of school. It may change again later but I don't see that happening anytime soon, not in my area anyway. Some of the smaller companies are a little pickier and will only hire with dialysis experience or at least some med-surg or equivalent experience.