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getting thru this!?!

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It has been awhile since I have posted, last time I was waiting on acceptance/denial letters and yay, i was accepted! Now I am in my second semester, ans as much as Im trying to stay focused on the becoming a nurse part, I cant help but to have fallen into the drama that comes along with nursing school that no one warned me of. I understand that not everyone is going to like everyone, i know im not too thrilled about some and yes i may mention it. Who doesnt? But im still nice to everyone, so my long drawn out question is, bow do you get through your day without your desire to continue going to crap? I cant wait to be done with nursing school, waaaaaay too much drama and my spirits are down, apparently im not liked and I dont do anything to anyone, whether i like you or not, i wont treat you different, what kept you going when you felt all alone

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Focus on the bigger picture, which is ultimately becoming a nurse. No drama can affect you being the best nurse you can be. It will get to you and some days will be harder than others but for the most part differentiate the drama from your actual mission of becoming a nurse.

Follow your classes and do what you need to do to get through but as far as the drama is concerned it will not ultimately affect your becoming a nurse unless you let it so keep that in mind and just give yourself reminders and say Your Name, RN and use that to bring you back to focus when the drama starts to get to you.

Remember, you are in nursing school to better yourself, not to make friends with your whole class! Just focus on your grades, talk to the few people that you get along with, and go from there. I prefer to stay on the fringe in these situations. The only thing that irritates me is when people make remarks about those that are making good grades just have "book smarts" but won't make good nurses. I prefer to think I like to do well at whatever I do. :geek: But it's all good! I agree with missmoo, stay focused on what you are there for! Good luck!


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Thanks yall, i literally had to take everyone off my fb because i apparently upset some by making a post i wish people wouldnt share their grades because we have one particular person who feeds off the ones who dont do so well, by all means be proud of your grades, i think i carried an exam of 96 around with me our first semester for good luck haha but it upset me seeing someone fail their first exam because she was opening up of her grade F and to have this one cow say oh well it wasnt me, and now im the bad guy for stating how crappy that is of someone, anyway, yes, I tend on keeping focused, i went in with the few i met on here and theyre the few I know I can still rely on, and when i get home its just me and the babies, thats all i need, thank yall again, i shouldve just kept logging in on here than adding folks to my fb lol

If they don't want to be your friend, let it be. Just worry about yourself:) You won't see them or even hear from them again once you graduate. Focus on what you need to do, that's all it matters. Your going to be a great nurse. Your going to change many lives in a positive way and your patients/families going to appreciate you. That is what rewarding. So keep smiling when you go to class. A nurse who smile will put a smile on a patient face:)