Getting Through Nursing School Takes a Village


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Studying for all your exams is hard work. It's not enough just to memorize facts, but you have to know how to apply those facts. Aren't you glad there are others who are struggling right along with you? Do you prefer to study with a group of people or by yourself? What are some helpful tips for study groups?


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"Getting Through Nursing School: It Takes a Village."

LOVE the title, Brian! Absolutely brilliant, and absolutely true!


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I definitely could not do this without the support of my fellow classmates. To help each other prepare for exams, we post study material that we find or create on the Facebook group for our graduating class. Some of us also meet throughout the week and help each other study. After particularly hard weeks, we like to give each other a few minutes to rant about what we hate about nursing school or our particular program, and then get back to work.