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wanting to get into hospice nursing but all doors seem to be closed to me as i have no experince any tios would be appericated




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Dee, I was fresh out of nursing school and looking for a Hospice job back in 1994. I happened to find an ad in the paper where it was a HHA/HM position but it was through a contract with the local Hospice. I applied cuz I just wanted Hospice so badly. I loved it and 6 mo later, Hospice terminated the contract and hired all nurses on with their agency! It's strange sometimes how one job can lead to another. For some reason it didn't seem to matter that I had no experience, they trained us for everything we needed to do.



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If you can't get in the front door, go in the back door! I would sign up to be a hospice volunteer, which would give you exposure to the staff and the hospice experience. Attend any training classes they offer. After they get to know you, I would tell them interested in being hired as Hospice nurse. Good luck.


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In my county you have to work in a hospital for a year. Preferably Oncology or with Geriatrics. Let me know if you find out any other way. There's where I want to work when I get out of school.:)

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;) Hi Dee- I have been a nurse for 15 years, and I have worked Med/Surg, ER, and Geriatrics. I didn't know much about Hospice until I had a resident in my nursing home that had end stage liver failure and they decided to put her on the program. When I saw the way these nurses were with my resident, I said to myself- I must do this! I became friends with the nurse assigned to the case and she put me in touch with the supervisor. They were looking for nurses at that time and I was lucky enough to be hired. That was a year ago and I can't tell you how good my heart feels. I have seen many patients come and go, but they each leave a little something in my heart. This is the most special job- to be with people during this very private time. They trained me over 2 weeks for the basics and I learned about pain meds, etc. as I went along- the team is very helpful and the senior nurses are the greatest resources of information. Good luck- don't give up- if it's meant to be it will come to you!!


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