Getting ready to take my HESI...need a little help

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Hey everyone. I am getting ready to take my HESI test. I had already taken the NET a year ago, but the school I planned on going to is no longer up and running for new students :( The school I am looking into now requires the HESI and I have heard that it is a nightmare and nothing compared to the NET.I am having a hard time finding practice tests online to study for this and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I had purchased the HESI admission assessment study guide and let someone borrow it, well lets just say I havnt heard from then since and really cannot afford to buy another one right now due to my current financial issues. If anybody knows where I can find some good help or even if you have a pdf version that you can send me I would appreciate that greatly.

Thanks so much..


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Try,,, just to get u started! Good Luck!!

Quizlet was amazing for me. Are you taking the HESI for PN or for RN?

I took it for PN and found all of the grammar/vocab/reading comp to be very easy. The math was not as bad as I thought, however I have trouble with ratios, and there were a few really hard fraction questions that I missed so I need to retake as I only scored a 70 in the math after studying 24/7 for over a week...I am bummed...but just read the study guide and you should be ok.

Specializes in med surg/geriatrics.

Hi Aimee280!

I took the Hesi for PN! And I have a few tips for the math, memorize ratios part over whole, memorize the conversions gram-kg. As soon as you get to the testing site & they give you scrap paper write it all down so when you have those problems you will have something to look at. I did this and it helped alot!!

Good Luck & keep studying!!

What is your math/science background?? I didn't prepare or study at all for it and got a 95% on it. I had my cousin in 10th grade take a Hesi practice test and he scored an 86% on it. It's a total joke - don't worry :)

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