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Getting POLST signed

Shany1312 Shany1312 (New) New

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I have been working at a SNF for a couple months now. First job. I have always been taught that a nurse can collect signature from pt/responsible party for DNR/FULL CODE with a witness and only AFTER it has been explained by the MD.

At my facility, I complete the new admissions. I have been asked to have the pt or their family (whom ever available) to sign the POLST. This is upon admission, before they were even seen by the facility's Doctor.

Basically, walk in the room and say "hey! Do you want us to revive you or let you die at peace? Okay great. Now sign here."

Is this legal?! Is this right?

Thus far I haven't done these, because I don't know that this is "kosher" and I will not take responsibility for this.

Am I in the wrong?

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

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I think they are testing you.

It is our job to ask about the content of the advance directives and request a copy.

It is the physician's job to have that conversation and complete the POLST. Please go by the law of your State and the policy at your facility.

You can never go wrong by following policy.

Junebug903, LPN

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I also work in a SNF. I work the floor, but when an admission comes the floor nurse assigned to that room has to have the patient or RP sign the papers and do the body assessment. One of those papers is the POLST. Generally, people are already aware of the items describe on the form and/or have an idea of what they want their code status to be. We are mostly LVNs working in my facility. The RNs usually work in Sub-Acute.