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Getting into Nursing School

I am currently a freshman in college interested in applying to nursing school. I wanted to know what gpa nursing schools are looking for and if my grades thus far have greatly hindered my progression? Thanks for any responses.

Last semester I got a C+ in Biology, C+ in Chemistry, A- in Chemistry Lab, A- in English, and A- in Spanish with a gpa of 3.04. I also withdrew from my Statistics class.

As of right now I have a C in Biology, B- in Chemistry, A in Chemistry Lab, B+ in English, B in Calculus and A- in Spanish with a gpa of 3.00.


I dont know where you live but you might consider taking some of your classes over again. You need at least a 3.8 where I live to even be considered for the programs. Your biggest problem will be biology. Anatomy and Physiology are the most important grades in determining if you will get in (at least they are here) I suggest talking to a counseler at the school you are applying to to find out what their req's are.

i am currently a freshman in college interested in applying to nursing school. i wanted to know what gpa nursing schools are looking for and if my grades thus far have greatly hindered my progression? thanks for any responses.

last semester i got a c+ in biology, c+ in chemistry, a- in chemistry lab, a- in english, and a- in spanish with a gpa of 3.04. i also withdrew from my statistics class.

as of right now i have a c in biology, b- in chemistry, a in chemistry lab, b+ in english, b in calculus and a- in spanish with a gpa of 3.00.


i suppose it depends on where you plan to go to school

where i am the community college has a website full of info on their programs and are pretty clear on what they expect.

"academic standards

a student must earn a minimum grade of "c" or above in all general education courses required in the nursing program. general education courses may be taken prior to entering the nursing program and must be completed prior to beginning the last semester of nursing course work. any course with a grade of "d" or below must be repeated and will not count towards points used for admission."

they also mention wanting a cumulative gpa of 2.75



hope this helps and good luck :nuke:

What you must realize is that nursing school is very competitive and the courses such as Biology and A&P are the ones that really count. Just becuase the minimum GPA is 2.75, and the minimum grade is a C, doesn't mean you will be accepted. That's just what you need to even be considered.

There probably will be a line of students applying for nursing school with A's and B's in Biology and A&P, and 3.5-4.0 GPA's, which puts you at the back oof the line.

In my opinion, you should step it up. If you don't get in with those grades, think about retaking some courses to improve your GPA and prospects of getting accepted.

RhodyGirl, RN

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Definitely take your sciences over again. These are important and need to be at least B's.

I applied to my school's nsg program last sem. with a 3.3 GPA....all A's and B's.......and got rejected.

Work hard. :D


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Definitely check with the admission policies of the school(s) you want to attend before you retake classes. Some (note that I said some) schools will only look at the first grade you obtained, regardless of if you retook the class. Best to know this upfront before you possibly waste money/time retaking classes. You are probably better off with speaking to a couselor/advisor of the nursing program that you plan to attend, as the advice that most give you on here will pertain to the schools in their area, which may or may not be beneficial to you. You should also work harder to get better grades in the future, especially if you are looking at a program that is really competitive to get into.

Depends how competative the program is... I know that the year I got accepted to University of Illinois at Chicago nursing program, 800 students applied and 104 got accepted. My GPA was 3.85 and I was put on the waiting list but then got accepted. Nursing has a science base: psychophysiology, pharmacology, research and stats and just nursing classes. You should decide weather you like science before you make this commitment

pagandeva2000, LPN

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Sorry to say, the 2.75 GPA is the requirements to apply for candidacy, however, in most cases, because nursing programs are so competitive, you need to earn much higher. I had a friend who had a 3.8 GPA and didn't get in that semester, because the curve was actually 4.0. She did get in the following semester, however, but that was because the curve was a bit lower. Many schools only allow a person to apply for candidacy twice, and then, they have to move on elsewhere to try again. Also, some will only allow you to repeat a course if you get a D or below. And, they average the two courses together, so, think, an A and a D can actually equal to C, which still lowers the GPA. And, yes, Anatomy and Chemistry are major ones. In my school, Anatomy was 4 credits. Getting below a B+ was really kissing your chances to enter into an RN program goodbye. I would consider transferring to another college for their nursing program to repeat those courses. I swear...I really hated nursing school...it started making people competitive from the beginning and it just kept going, even into the career itself.

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