Getting into nursing - long hiatus after the degree


I received my nursing degree over 5 years ago, but never practiced nursing. I started a family right after school and continued working a very flex schedule in another peripherally-related field due to economics and personal health reasons.

I am trying to make a career switch into nursing now, and I am wondering where to begin. Any thoughts on the best possible path?

1. I am happy with LTC roles in more remote areas, but in Massachusetts, even those seem to require previous experience.

2. I am open to enrollment in an "RN Refresher" program, but want to feel somewhat confident that it'll work before spending the money.

3. I am okay starting out as a CNA, but I have heard that this is not a viable option/desirable position for potential employers if you already have an RN (due to liability, etc).

Any thoughts? Is the thought of getting into nursing flat-out hopeless?

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I think you're going to have a lot of trouble finding a job, but a refresher course may help. I honestly don't think you're going to get hired at all anywhere if you don't take one, so it's your best bet!

I've heard the NE can be a rough market, so if your family is able to move I'd also suggest applying out of state, particularly in the rural South.