Getting nervous for AGPCNP exam in 4 weeks AANP

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I normally am pretty calm by nature, but the more I think about the test, the more anxious I get. I have a Fitzgerald book, and Barkley CDs have takn notes from CDs. I am in his review in two weeks.

My question is, how long do you all recommend to study? I will be taking test two weeks after actual review course, and am not working those days so I can concentrate. Since I just finished the CDs, I am in process of making note cards and this weekend, will be studying with my study buddy. My plan is to take AANP practice exam week b4 test, and if I am not doing great will reschedule. What type of scores on practice exams should I be getting? I have been getting in 60% range on Barkleys exam cold, and anywhere from 60-85 on systems exams (mostly 60-70%) Those are from fitzgeralds exam book.

I am debating on also getting APEAs Q bank, but it seems kinda pricey, but also maybe cheaper in the long run.

Sorry so many questions. Just want to make sure I'm on right track.



I did ANCC's AGPCNP exam (was already certified as an ANP), so I can't address the AANP issue. But 2 weeks of studying for my initial ANP certification was plenty. And the APEA Q-Bank is available as a book on the APEA website; the book is a cheaper deal, with the same questions. I love that book and for my AGPCNP exam, it was really all I needed. But remember I had been practicing for over 6 months when I took it. Good luck! Breathe deeply and don't panic when you sit in front of the computer on that day :)

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