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Getting into Maui Community College Nursing Program

I am already an LPN and have my license in Arizona and Hawai'i. I want to go back to school in 12 months and take classes to get my RN. Is is hard to get into the Maui Community College RN classes if I'm already an LPN?

Also, out-of-state tuition is about 5x more expensive than in-state tuition. The admissions office makes it sound like it's easy to become a resident. All I need to do is open a bank account, register to vote, and file Hawai'i state income taxes. Is it that easy?

By the way, I live in AZ now. My honey has already accepted a good paying job; we move to Maui in February. I know the job market stinks, and I am not expecting to work much the first year I'm here. We'll live on his salary. I'll do volunteer work to keep myself busy.

If you live on the islands, PLEASE RESPOND! I need your perspective. Also, please don't use abbreviations. Please write out the words so that I can understand what you're typing. Thanks, in advance, for writing.

Lisa ;-)


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Although I do not know any specifics about Maui Community College, after speaking with the advisors here on Oahu, I understand Maui Community College isn't as competitive to get into, and they do not have as many qualified applicants.

Concerning residency: They will look at

1) Your intent to claim residency (is it just for tution purposes? for example)

2) The date you began taking action to become a resident (such as your hire date)

3) You must live in-state for 365 days before claiming residency

4) # of credits taken: (I believe if it is more that 6 credits, you will be considered a non-resident that moved here to attend school)

Good luck on your upcoming move & everything that goes along with moving!

hi Lisa,

just curious did you get in to maui community college pls. let me know. thanks

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