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Since it's so hard to get a job in California, I've decided to also try out of state. I want to see if I can find a job in Virginia or New York since I have some friends there.

Where do I start? Should I apply first to there hospitals? or move first? With the economy, would they even call me back knowing I'm from out of state?



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Apply first and let them know you will gladly get a license. Good luck, I am sure you will get something! :nurse:


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What area of VA are you interested in moving to?


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None of my RN friends have had trouble getting jobs and there is active recruitment at or school. On the other hand, all the LPN's I know, especially new ones, are having trouble getting jobs.

I am only really familiar in my area of No. Va. though.


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Thanks!! I would be staying in Norfolk, Virginia so any hospital that is one hour drive at the most would be fine.


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I work at a level one trauma center in Norfolk,VA Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, you didnt specify as to what type of nursing you wanted to do but at this time there are several positions open. Sentara runs the majority of the hospitals in southeastern Virginia but they also have competition from Bon Secours, apply at either facility and I am sure that as long as you have a solid work history one of them will definitely call you back. Hope this helps!



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Hey I just applied out of state for a job in VA and I was hired! After I filled out an application online they called me right away and had a short interview over the phone.... then things went from there.

I have to move in about 20 days but my job doesn't start for a little longer.

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