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I would so appreciate any feedback that comes my way: I have a B.A. in Russian Studies (yep), from a college known for its academic rigor. It sends out an information sheet with all grads applying for further education explaining how it does not inflate grades and how the average graduating Reed student has a much lower GPA etc etc. My academic history shows a rise each year until graduation....and my grades were very good at graduation. I have great recommendations etc... Unfortunately, though, in my Freshman year I took Chemistry and got a D. Little did I know I would get this interest in nursing. Sooo, I have, since then, taken most all of my pre-nursing pre-requisites at a Community College and have a 4.0 in all classes. I have repeated Chemistry and received an A. My question is about that D in my freshman year while I worked on a B.A. in Russian Studies. Will it really limit my chances for getting into a good BSN program. Any suggestions? Thank You all , ahead of time, for your responses!


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Hmmm....I would talk to the admissions office at the program(s) you are interested in. I feel like if you re-took it an got an A then you would be okay, but I am no expert.


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I would talk to the admissions office as well. The program I am looking into takes into account each attempt you made at a class. Even if you re-took the class and got an A they would still average in the D. Each school has different admission citeria, standards, and policies. I can understand your worry though. I took anatomy while an undergrad and did horrible. I retook it at a different university and got an A. I still have to average the bad grade in, but the GPA is still above the avergae to get in. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Check what the admissions stats are for the program you would liek to get into and talk to an advisor. Good luck with your endeavors!


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I always thought when you retake a course, it removes the old grade and/or the old one is not factored in, hence the reason for retaking it to bring up your GPA. I would ask student records about that one. It may not be anything you have to worry about.


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I don't think it will hurt you. Not only have you retaken the course (which is a difficult course for a number of people also) and received an A, which is great, but the D you received was in your freshman year, which holds even less weight on your transcript because a lot of students are still adjusting during their freshman year and schools know this! You can talk to the admisions office as previous posts suggest, but my guess is they are going to say similar to what I've said here, but it may help reassure your concerns to hear it from them. Good luck!

Thank You for your thoughts. I feel encouraged to talk with admissions office(s). What about the big schools that just look at the plugged in GPA records before even looking at official transcripts?


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I still believe the new grade replaces the old grade or it is at least factored in. I'm not as familiar with big schools, but this is definitely not a new "problem" incoming students have, in fact it is a common one :) ! So they must have some system in place that factors in the new grade appropriately. Also again calling the admissions office and giving them a heads up that this is a grade you want to be especially noted may allow them to flag it, so they do look at your official transcripts instead of straight GPA.


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Alot of schools have expiration dates for the sciences. They must be no older than 5 years. So, your old Chem grade may not matter anyway just due to age. You should definately check with the school though. They will have heard this before and will have an answer for you.

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nah, they won't care you screwed up in chem as a freshman if you have since taken a decent chem course and aced it. consider looking into an accelerated bsn program, since you have more than enough gen ed courses.