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Getting blood out of scrubs/ Dying scrubs/ Crafts

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I bought a pair of baby blue scrubs from Walmart (their "ScrubStar" brand is form fitting and only $17!). The blend is 55% cotton, 42% polyester, and 3% spandex. I dyed them with a tye dye kit, also from walmart, dark blue, green and purple for a splash of color. Unfortunately, my coworkers asked if I had been splashed with water from the shower room :cheeky: I was considering tye-dying them a deeper color such as red over the current colors. I also have a blood stain on the front pocket from a resident. I was also considering dying them a solid color to just be done with it. Does anyone have experience dying or tye dying scrubs? I want a unique pair! Everyone at work has the same scrubs and I want to stand out :cyclops: Any tips on alterations or interesting scrub sites online would be of much help! THANKS AND GOD BLESS! :geek::inlove::)

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Given the fabric content and the fact you have stains and previous tye-dying you might have a hard time getting a uniform color coverage.

For stains (grass, red-clay dirt, blood, berries, even sweat stains), I use a product called "AWESOME". You can find it at Dollar General or Walmart in the cleaning section. Clear bottle with red print, yellow cleaning solution.

Check Dharma Trading Co website and do some research on dying fabrics. The kits they sell in Walmart usually don't have the setting agent needed for permanent (non-bleeding/fading) colors.

Good luck with playing with the colors.


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Btw, hydrogen peroxide followed by cold water is a good way to get blood stains out before they are set in by the dryer