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Getting back into Nursing after 3 years

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I'm trying to find something to help my wife get back into nursing. Right now she is a stay at home mom and wants to get back to work but is unsure of herself. I don't know much about nursing, so if anyone could give me the name of a good book that I could get her as a refresher. When she did work, she was an LPN working at a retirement home. I don't know what she has planned when she goes back but I'm sure that something good to refresh her would boost her confidence. Thanks.

pagandeva2000, LPN

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Foundations of Nursing and Adult Health Nursing Package by Barbara Lauritsen Christensen and Elaine Oden Kockrow can be ordered through Amazon. It covers ALL of the subjects that an LPN or even an RN would come across. I purchased this book AFTER I graduated and passed NCLEX. It is an excellent reference (at least to me), because I do not need several books to gather information. Good luck to your wife!

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I have one important question: Is your wife's LPN licensure still active? If she allowed her license to lapse, then there's a new problem to deal with.

If her license is still active, then some employers might be willing to train her.

Hey - good for her. Ive been at home with my son for 2 years and am trying to get back into it as well, and also am finding it a little daunting. Not sure if its an option for you guys or if you're wife might be interested in doing this too, but I am going to start job shadowing, maybe a shift a week as a refresher. Even just after a couple of shifts, I am sure more will come back than I think.

Good luck!


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