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Getting BACK into nursing school.

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Hi everyone.

I live in the SF Bay Area and, until this morning, was one month into my second semester at a great nursing program. I didn't pass my second attempted math exam so I was put out of the program. The math is the only reason I was failed (clinical record and attendance are great, finished 1st semester with a B average). I know I'm going to be an excellent nurse but first I need to get BACK into school. Can anyone comment on schools that accept transfers in the Bay Area? Has anyone been through a similar experience? Please share with me, I could really use the support.


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I have not seen a single program that accepts credits from another program. You will probably have to start from scratch for any program. Make sure you brush up on the math, and be prepared to take an exam in order to be accepted into a program. You'll need to make your case when you apply, because they WILL ask why you did not pass the first time. You CANNOT blow it off as a minor thing- you'll need to show that you understand the gravity of this, why it is important enough that you were dismissed from the program, and show how you have remedied the situation, and won't have the same problem the next time around.

Wow. It's unbelievable to me that they would put you out of the entire program for not passing one exam. At my institution, each semester we're required to take dosage calc exams multiple times until we pass.(at least 3) (However we have to take the first grade given as part of the avg for the class). So sorry that hppnd to you. Good luck on getting back into the program. Don't give up!