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Going into my freshman year of college I knew I wanted to do something in the health field. During high school I was year book editor, captain of two sports teams, an honor student, and even New York State Senate Young Leader of the year. I decided to pursue a degree in sports medicine. However I found myself not in love with the path I chose. Soon after I began college my grandmother became ill. I helped give her primary care from the day she fell ill until the day she passed. I was traumatized however from this experience I found that I loved the field of nursing. Throughout this time my grades strongly decreased. I did not do well socially or academically. I was unhappy with life and unhappy with myself.

This past summer I started a job at my local hospital on the Neuro- Trauma rehabilitation floor. I feel like I found myself and my calling in life. I am once again happy. I go into work every day with a positive out look and I know I give the best possible care to my patients each day. I love what I do but I want to further my career. I want nothing more in this life than to become an RN.

Because of my poor grades I have been denied to every single school that I've applied to. Applying to schools is pretty expensive and applying and not being able to get in is very discouraging. I was wondering if anyone out there has any advice. I have amazing letters of recommendation from my boss as well as a pretty strong admissions essay. I have the heart and determination to make any school proud. I just need to be given the chance. Please respond if you have any advice.


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I would try an apply to a local community college and get your pre-reqs there. That way you can work on improving your GPA and submit those to show improvement and growth.That's pretty much the path I'm following right now. I goofed off in high school and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get into nursing school based on those grades. I decided to go the general studies route with a focus in pre-nursing which will give me an opportunity to get my GPA up to nursing school standards all while earning my pre-reqs and getting myself back into the swing of being in school. I wanted to ease myself in before jumping into the craziness of nursing school. I would suggest the same thing for you.

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Just because you don't get into a nursing program doesn't mean you shouldn't pick a school and an undeclared (or other like a biology major) major and take classes you'll need for their nursing program!

Retake some of the classes you did poorly in if your school allows that. (I'm assuming you didn't get a first undergraduate degree yet?)

I didn't get accepted into the nursing program the first time. I went to the school anyway and got straight A's and applied again after a semester. Before the 4 year school I went to a county college since I did so bad in high school and got my grades up there as well. Nursing school wants to see commitment. I've seen more than you ask this kind of question, and I just want to say all the time "Just go to school, make A's especially in anatomy and phys I and II, and reapply."

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I did very well in high school, was my class's valedictorian. My first real of college I did horrible, lost my financial aid there and had to transfer to a community college. I am finishing up this last semester of prerequisites (that aren't even requirements for the program starting Fall semester) and have applied for both the LPN program and RN program. You have to start somewhere and if you messed your grades up, sadly, you have to face the consequences :/ good luck to you


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Grades are almost everything when it comes to applying. Work on those and reapply at a later time, not much else that can be said honestly