how do i get this NA job? =/


hi everyone, right now im finishing up my ast of my pre reqs for my 4 year nursing school a&p2, micro bio, philosophy, and history classes i plan on getting my bsn...i really want a job at my local hospital as a na i want to get in the hospital and start working with patients. im not a cna already because the classes never work with my classes and its really hard to find classes around here. i dont have really any experience in hospitals but i have taken care of my granfather who had cancer,myasthenia gravis and empyzema. i also helped take care of my grandmother who had alzheimer's and had a peg tube in. i know my way around a hospital pretty good and how to use most things since i spent a ton of time in them over the years with family. i am cpr/aed certified also in basic first aide. oh its in the oncology unit.

this is what the job says online:

high school diploma or equivalent.

nursing assistant course and cpr required after employment.

on-the-job training acceptable for non-professional, non-technical care of patient under supervision.

previous experience in hospital or nursing home preferred

how can i up my chances of getting the job?

should i try for a different job? such as a escort aide who moves people for test etc?

do you think i have a chance in getting it or no?

should i apply online or in person? if in person how do you do that at a hospital?

does it sound like they will train me to be a na on the job? (might be a stuid question i just wana make sure haha)

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I know of a couple of hospitals will indeed people who are not certified & train them on the spot. I think you should definitely apply for the job. It sounds like a good opportunity! I would mention your experience with working with your relatives on the application, and also mention that you are in school. Most hospitals have online applications, so I would apply there. If you are not chosen for this particular job, it may be a good idea to apply in another position..get your foot in the door! Good luck :)


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It definately sounds like they would train you on the job. Didn't the job posting say "must get certified after hire"? I think the fact that you are going to school and getting an education, which will lead to a nursing degree is a huge plus. Who knows, they may even help pay for some of your nursing schooling !! I think you would have a great chance to get the job and should definately apply !! Good Luck !!

Im working as a CNA and going to school for LPN, hoping to bridge over to RN in the future. My employeer looks favorably at CNA's going on in their nursing career (maybe in hopes that they can retain the CNA as an LPN or RN)?. :nurse: