can't get back into the swing of things..advice appreciated:)


So I am a 37 year old female working on my second degree and have just finished my 3rd semester of nursing school in my ADN program and have one final semester to go!! Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get my mind back into nursing mode...I've done really well so far and of course nursing school has had it's ups and downs but the anxiety I have felt through the program was horrible for me. I feel so burnt out and cannot focus on anything let alone anything related to nursing. I've been out of school for only 2 weeks and maybe thats not enough time but I usually feel rejuvenated by now and would be able to dive back into things...I tried and just can't. I pick up a nursing school book or attempt to read anything and my eyes glaze over and the panic and anxiety sets it.I start thinking how am I going to remember all of the material I've learned the past 3 semesters? I wanted to just leisurely read my saunders nclex review book to keep my mind fresh during these summer months so i didn't lose everything I learned...and the thought sends me into a panic...I know I am going to love nursing if I can just make it out of nursing school and pass the nclex and find my niche but at this moment I don't even want to think about starting 4th semester..This scares the crap out of me because I cannot afford to feel like this for the entire summer and not look at anything and think I'm going to have a successful final semester...Has anyone else ever been through this or felt this way? What did you guys do to get yourself out of the funk and muscle through...I don't want to make this sound like a winey post...I just want to succeed and get through this rough patch..hoping for some positive advice and not a bunch of "suck it up nursing school is supposed to be hard" comments..

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Sounds to me you worry excessively. Some worry is ok, too much negatively impacts you. When was the last time you stopped worrying and actually did something fun, something unrelated to nursing school. Even the brain needs a break. You could be the best student ever. But when the brain is constantly tired, you perform poorly. This is an indicator you should perhaps step away from studying for now. Find something you love to do and do it. Spent time with friends and family. Incorporate some exercise. Endorphins have been known to boost morale. Then 2-3 weeks before school resumes, resume study and begin by studying your favorite topic. Have a study plan and check off completed tasks as you go along. All the best.