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YIKES!!!!! That's about the only word I can express about this one. Got off a weekend night shift (through my agency) at a nursing home I have never been to previously. I prefer to stick to... Read More

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    Quote from eddy
    UPDATE: I just got a call from my agency. I am a DNR (do not return) at that facility. Not exactly a big shocker there. The staffer also told me that the DON is filing a complaint with the board for abuse and neglect!

    Also, there is a handy website that has a public list of all facilities in my state with defencies. Guess what? No violations as of the most recent 4 evaluations! Anyone else get a funny feeling about that?
    those bastards. i wish i knew what state you are in -- i would never work there. if state does not do their job then contact federal to do it. i have no advise but it makes me want to cry, what you went through! interesting note-- in new mexico now they are conducting investigations of LTC facilities by sending in private investigator disguised as residents-- they actually live in the facility for a time. one facility has been closed so far. i read about it in the AARP Bulletin (association for retired people). go new mexico!
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    [QUOTE]This is a biggy in GA. not sure the Fed.Tag # But md and family must be notified of any significant change in condition or care..... and I would say this was a major issue that the family should have been made aware of.

    That F tag, woundcare nurse, would be F 157. Notification of change. Citations are resident outcome based. When looking at the entire picture, did the resident experience a negative outcome? Did the resident get the proper treatment even though the family wasn't notified? This is a biggy where I work too. With the level of the citation at the "A" level sounds like it meant that the potential for harm to the resident was none. In this case, I can see where the harm from not notifying the family is evident but who first noticed the pressure ulcer developing or worsening? That should have been the person to notify the family.
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    :angryfire I work for a staffing agency. I clicked on the link to check out the bad nursing homes. I saw the place I am currently doing staff releif in. Let me tell you about my day thursday. I reported to the supervisor's office at 0645, early, as usual. Was told you will be on this floor from 0700 to 1100 and then you need to go to this floor from 1100 to 1500. Said ok with my usual smile and headed for the elevator. Mind you this is the same supervisor that I had a previous discussion with about being charge and med nurse for 46 patients on the day shift. I ended up calling my agency and some how another nurse was found to help staff the floor.So I arrive on the floor and am told you will be on this floor the whole shift, I said np. I keep waiting for the other nurse to show up. This is an alhz. floor with 46 pts who can't even tell you their name, oh and no name bands mostly either, or they have gotten so wet you cannot read the names. It is getting later and I want to get going. Finally at 0720 the night nurse counts with me. Still waiting for the other nurse. Called the supervisors office, where is the other nurse? Oh she is coming she had to count off on the other floor. Get report, she reads so fast hard to keep up. Finally the other nurse shows up. We start our fs and early meds, at 0840 I am told she has to leave and go to another floor due to a GPN being left on another floor with 46 residents all alone. Now I realize it was all a trick because he knew that if he told me from the start, I would have again called my agency to report the dangerous conditons this place wants me to work in.( By the way, I have been an nurse for 25yrs in Dec.) Standing there again in somewhat of a shock, but determined to do what I have to do to get the meds out. The :angel2: 's that are CNA's on the floor see my face and say, don't worry we will help you with the resident's names. Thank God for those sweeties. I keep working, finally get meds passed to all the residents for am med pass at 1200 . Run to the elevator down to have a smoke, yes I know smoking is bad for me. Back up to the floor in approx. 10 minutes. Do ac lunch fs. Wait a few more minutes, then grab the first cart to do pm meds. By this time my head is pounding from the stress, but I have told myself all day that I can when I am done passing meds and my work. (Oh, I didn't tell you, when I first realized I was it for 46 residents I didn't know, I called my clinical supervisor at my agency to report what conditions I was working under, and she agreed it was not safe. Also note, no NM on the floor, no other nurse but me from the agency. :uhoh21 FINALLY at 1430 I am finished with meds for the floor. Now mind you, I have not had anytime to give any of the residents any individual attention, other than to give them their meds. One resident swears at me and asks, why are you late giving me my meds? I go into the little break room on the floor and try as I might to stop them, silent tears run down my face. I think to myself, is this what is has all come to? Is this what I set out to do 25yrs ago in December, when I walked down that aisle with my rose and diploma? I know in my heart it is not.
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    the woman who wrote in about the sore with maggots? that is a pretty compelling image. maybe she could talk or write to sixty minutes--you know, the news magazine?
    on television? or 20/20? if it were me, i would just make the biggest fuss. sometimes local news programs feature issues like that too.
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    Quote from eddy
    YIKES!!!!! That's about the only word I can express about this one.

    I have never done this before, but for the first time ever I reported a facility to the state. God help those poor folks at that h*ll whole.

    I know that agency won't cure the shortage of qualified nurses and nurse aides in this country, but in my opinion, if you need help and people are suffering as a result of such short staffing, it's time to call them in and in droves!

    Sorry for the book... I had to get this off my chest.
    I don't know what state you're in, but if there is an Adult Protection Services Unit in your state, please call and notify them. These poor elderly being are being abused/neglected. APS can ordered that these patients be moved to another facility--I can guarantee you that when the owners see their source of income being escorted out the door--they will change their care.
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    LTC, such a great place to work,far worse place to live, or die, this stuff is STILL going in, what will it take to change it?
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    Quote from eddy
    I have never done this before, but for the first time ever I reported a facility to the state. God help those poor folks at that h*ll whole.
    You go, girl!
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    yes you did the right thing eddy by reporting it to the sate you live in so the probelm can be taken care of. I feel bad for the patients that have to stay there,
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    old post alert- back from 2003/2004
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    I still wonder what happened with the OP situation...

    How did it all turn out?
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    Your thread sent chills right through me. I think at times I'd rather be dead than in some of these facilities. I went to an interview and orientation at a LTC, but did not take the job and they were terrible also. My orientation was during an inspection, and it was just amazing how I was always on the same floor as the inspector all the 3 days that they gave me. I also heard from one of the nurses that she had been asking the ADOC for weeks for a swab kit to test a resident for MRSA, and magically it appeared when the inspector did. I guess by now the whole floor likely has MRSA, uggh! I also agree with the poster who said that things don't change unless confidential complaints can be made, well this facility made a point of saying over and over you can't complain about the facility unless you sign your name because anonymous complaints are often not valid in their slanted view, and then they had the nerve to call this CQI. Yikes.:angryfire
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    Quote from ingelein
    LTC, such a great place to work,far worse place to live, or die, this stuff is STILL going in, what will it take to change it?
    4 things--
    Courage to report the neglect and abuse.
    Compassion for people going through these things.
    Conscience that won't let you sleep until you speak out.
    Caring about your residents/patients.
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    Quote from jetscreamer101
    old post alert- back from 2003/2004
    It is still relevant, since things like this do go on around the country.