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  1. here's another one for ya!
    When you are writing a new policy from scratch. Do you use any particular "template" or do you just start writing.
    We are trying to develop and implement and new program, but the policy development portion of the program is coming along very slowly.
    In the past we have always used existing writen policy and just modified it.
    Any suggestions?

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  3. by   CoachCathy
    What are you writing the policy for? We recently had to implement a policy on the removal of central lines - something that just hadn't been done at our facility, but was within the scope of practice for the RNs. I got up with the nurse educator at our local hospital, who was more than happy to give us their policy to cannibalize. She even offered to allow our nurses to sit in on their orientation class for central lines. Or.. you might find a building that does what you want to do (and does it well - e.g. no deficiencies) and ask them if you can copy their policy. Good luck!
  4. by   donmurray
    Unless it is a totally new program, someone, somewhere must have a policy. Don't re-invent the wheel!
  5. by   Slowone
    Thats the problem is getting that "somebody, somewhere" to share. In this area the competition is stiff and nobody wants to help anybody else. I was hoping someone may direct me to an easier place to get it. It really isn't anything terribly difficult, more time consuming than anything. Bowel and Bladder Policy and Procedure... we have not had one to date and putting it together is more detailed than originally thought.
    I haved always been able to pull from prior P&P's or even used Briggs on occasion, but I guess its time to just dig in and get it done.. Yuck!