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Where are the MDS nurses and LTC nursing questions. This site is going to sleep like our patients............. Tex:eek:... Read More

  1. by   Youda
    MDS = Minimum Data Set. It's the minimum data that the gov uses to "score" the care given a patient. Then from their "score" the facility receives financial reimbursement from the State Medicaid program and/or the federal Medicare program.
  2. by   cargal
    Hey, I'll come more often. I need someone to talk to about this specialty right now!
  3. by   Tookie
    OK thats probably very similar to our funding tool l guess - ours is called the resident Classification Scale - The higher the score the the more money (and care) - I would assume the data would be broken up into care issues - here a scale based on dependenecy in areas such as mobility, nutrional needs ADL's etc - we have 22 catergories - all need to need to be tied into the care plan and there must be documneted eveidence EVERYWHERE to validate your claims - thus the paper work that becomes overwhelming -
    Anyway thank you Youda for the explanation
  4. by   jevans
    I work in the NHS so we do not need to code for financial reembursement

    In my unit we use collabrative notes- meaning that we share documentation with other disciplines such as docs OT PT SW etc.

    Yes we have careplans- they are core care plans developed by the unit staff. Each core care plan has been searched to ensure that we are using current best practice. They have been referenced so that anyone reading the notes can see for themselves that the evidence is sound.
  5. by   tex
    Thank you for responding jevans. We also must be a team that provides care from all of our members, such as social worker, activity director, PT. OT. Speech as well as nursing. Our care plans must reflect this also. There are specific problems, goals addressing the problem and interventions/approached in order for us to achieve the goal. Such as ADL's, Diabetes, Mood, Behavior, Cognitive, Communication, Urinary Inc., Gastro, Falls, Mood, Delirium, Psychotropic Medication use, Dental, Nutrition, Feeding Tubes, MS, HTN, Psycho social. Dehydration, Skin, Pressure Ulcers, Bone, Vision. ETC more. I am sure you get the idea. Thanks Tex
  6. by   bandaidexpert
    tex, I wondered if you might be interested in the draft for new RAI manual to be released 2003. I downloaded it from aanac site. Let me know.

  7. by   tex
    OMG! I had no idea it was out. Yes would love it. How many pages? Thank you Thank you. I keep telling myself that I will come up w/the money for that site. There is always something that I have to do w/ that 90 dollars....Tex
  8. by   Tookie
    RAI - l have to ask what this is - sorry to be so nosy - but l am trying to work out the similarities.
  9. by   tex
    Resident Assessment Instrument. If you want you can go to HCFA on the web, and all the info you want to know about our payment system, rules/regs are there. Go to professional site or type in under search MDS....Good luck Tex