universal medication system

  1. why can't nursing decide on a universal medication system?

    i wonder how many agency nurses, those of you who work different facilities, run into this problem and have to learn different med systems before you begin passing your meds? just curious...
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  3. by   catlady
    Why can't nursing decide on a universal medication system? Because it's rarely nursing that makes the decision. It's facility administrators and pharmacists.

    Many hospitals are going to Pyxis-type systems, but as far as I've seen, they're woefully impractical for LTC. Most nursing homes I've been in use individualized blister packs, and large quantities of stock medications, because that's how the outside pharmacy chooses to package them. The stock meds are purchased through central supply at a much cheaper rate than pharmacy can provide. What's always been hard for me is knowing what meds are stock and where they're located.

    One home I know uses a unit dose system very similar to that in many hospitals, but they can do that only because they're large enough to have their own in-house pharmacy. Facilities will take whatever medication system saves them money.
  4. by   AJACKT33Z
    My experience tells me that it depends on how much $$$$$ the pop. of the pts gen'lly have. The cheapest bed (one in a 3-bed room ) is more MORE than I GROSS ( salary before taxes) , so there are a lot of rich prima donna's & P.I.T.A.'s, believe me.