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  1. We just had our state survey and we recieved an ij tag....this was such a horrible feeling. We have great systems in place to monitor everything, but somehow this slipped through the cracks. We had a resident on coumadin who had not had an inr since December. The nurses had been faxing the doctor for orders but he never responded. She was fine, no bruising, bleeding etc. And we got a stat inr and it was therapeutic. I am the adon and I am so frustrated over this. I've taken it personal. I have inserviced, even written nurses up over waiting to long to here from primary
    MD. We have a medical director they can call for orders that is what he gets paid for....but they didn't call...I pray that they have learned from this...we have some new systems in place now so this will never happen again. Just needed to vent.
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  3. by   Nascar nurse
    Yikes - that really stinks. Glad the resident was OK.
  4. by   pfeliks
    What's an ij tag? I'll be going through my first state survey this week.
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    IJ= Immediate Jeopardy....something is so HORRIBLE the state basically shuts the place down until you fix it. And you have to fix it immediately.
    I've heard of facilities getting IJ for no water, no heat, and smoking in the presence of oxygen.
    Glad the resident is okay. Honestly, if that were me, I think I would have booked a lab without an order. I've done it before. The doc gets mad, but I'd rather explain why I booked the lab to the doctor than why it didn't get done for months to the DPH.
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