Staff Development Coordinators-what's included?

  1. So I'm the staff ed for a large skilled facility.
    I do ALL the orientations for every department, all the education, the infection control, the workman's comp and I'm on call.
    Is this usual? I feel like anytime someone else doesn't want a job it gets dumped on me...and, oh yeah...we're taking TPN which we haven't done in years, are expected to hang IV Lasix and Solumedrol, IV push Lasix, and inotropic agents as well. They sprung a new kind of chest tube on me this afternoon (during general orientation) and the patient is coming tomorrow. The liaison gave me a 30 second inservice with a black copy of the information. I can't access youtube from my work computer so I had to do it at home...did I mention all the workman's comp stuff as well?
    Is this usual?
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Take infection control, call and workman's comp away and it might be manageable.

    We do limited IV push meds..solumedrol, and lasix are some. We do TPN but no go on the IV heart meds. Wayyyy to much monitoring.

    What type of chest tube is it? We have a few with Pleurex tubes. They are rather simple to manage/ teach.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    It's a large bore Oasis Dry Seal 3600. Not so hard once you look at it piece by piece.