Returning to Nursing after Burn Out

  1. I had to leave my job in October 2012, due burn out. I promised my husband that I would look for work starting in January, which I have done. I got a job offer on Monday at a nursing home in a nearby town. Tomorrow I need to go to their orientation class. Today I received a call from Vanderbilt, for an interview appointment ins clinic which I would love to work for. I like clinic nursing alot. I dislike working in nursing homes. But I accepted the job. Vandy pays well, I worked there for almost 4 years. I would love to work there again. Yet my husband told me to go to the orientation at tomorrow and go to the interview on Monday if I don't work that day.
    What would you do? Is my husband right. Oh and I'm 61.
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  3. by   nlk96
    Hi! I don't want to step on your husband's toes, but you are the one who will be working and you need to like what you're doing, or you will face burnout again. Working in a skilled nursing facility isn't easy--it can be both physically and mentally draining. I'm in my early 40's, and most days after work, I am completely wiped out! I wouldn't recommend going to the orientation if your heart and your head aren't into this job. Good luck on getting the clinic job that you really want!!!!
  4. by   Barb61
    My husband is retired. He is thinking about getting me working again, and bringing in a paycheck. I was so excited when I got the callfrom Vandy, like I was on cloud 9. Since my husband wants me to go to the orientation tomorrow I'm close to tears.
  5. by   nursel56
    When I re-entered nursing after time away I decided not to close any doors that were possibly open and I went to every interview, even some I was skeptical about because of what I envisioned the job to be. The job I eventually accepted and which worked out perfectly for me in retrospect came as a result of one of those I had tons of doubts about.

    I might feel pangs of guilt for attending an orientation with another iron in the fire, but on the other hand this is your life and they will move on. You may end up pleasantly surprised by the nursing home job, who knows?

    I would go to both the orientation and the interview. My best wishes as you rejoin the job market!
  6. by   noc4senuf
    I agree, with the jobs at a premium these days, I would do both. I have had nurse come to orientation and then state that it wasn't for them and quit.
  7. by   Mac7421
    I would say try to go to both. My reason is because the interview is just that; an interview. You HAVE the job where you are orienting, the interview "may" end up with not being hired. If you don't do orientation, but then don't get the job you're interviewing for then you are back at square one. That's my two cents worth anyways... Good luck with whatever YOU decide.