Resident's dying wish....we'll never forget her because of it!!

  1. We had a resident pass away suddenly last night and like so many others that we have all cared for she was one that was on the call light every 20-30 minutes to go to the BR. Last night as she lay dying, her pulse 16, BP 50/60, barely able to breathe, her last request to the nurse, barely audible ---- "Please get me up to the toilet." You know sometimes the Lord gives a little humor to get us through the stressful times. We will miss her, in spite of the very frequent calls for the BR. But we will never forget her last request!!!
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  3. by   WeSignificants
    Did you get her up?
  4. by   mtgirl63
    Because of her breathing, no.....but we did give her the bedpan, which she didn't use.
  5. by   live4today
    I'm sure she's using her 'spiritual' call bell in heaven now. :chuckle Good thing about that is it is now sweet music among the heavenly choir of numerous sounds.
  6. by   mtgirl63
    I'm sure you're right.....and you spite of the frequent calls from her for assistance to the bathroom, we all miss her very much already.....she was a jewel with a very kind heart.