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I am an external evaluator for several SNFs in CT. I am seeing a disturbing trend in the numbers of patients the facilities are sending to the ED. In most cases, the patient developed AMS... Read More

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    Quote from michelle126
    Not true..we LTC nurses really could care less about what type of insurance the res has. Also, they would have to have a break in the skilling...most returns to the hosp are due to what the res is already being skilled for.

    Yeah, years ago that might have worked.
    As an MDS Coordinator, it was fairly routine during management meetings to discuss who 'may need' to be sent out, to 'requalify' for skilled care, when the census dropped below the 'red line'. And the nurses NEED to know about insurance coverage- different payers have different pharmacies, ploicies, and etc- not knowing that is a good way to lose $ for the facility.

    Other comments on this topic:

    - Track what nurses send the most patients out. You may find a pattern, and the pattern may be that that nurse is one the providers do not trust to receive adequate reports from, so they order the patients 'evaluated'. Likewise, your detective work can show which nurse sends the FEWEST- you can then find out what she's doing right?

    -One place I worked, the skilled unit was all agency nurses, different staff every day. The primary provider got sick of seeing her patients all crash on the weekends, from lack of continuity- so began the habit of sending a lot of people the ER on Friday evenings, knowing many would 'stick' (be admitted). She really thought she was doing good, and she was an excellent and compasionate advocate, but that habit got her fired from the SNF.