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  1. I put in my application today at a Assisted Living Facility.. I talked to the owner who is also a RN and she said if all of my references are good she would be calling me. She showed me the nurses desk and then walked me around the facility. We did not discuss pay or anything like that.. I know that I would be the only NURSE there and only work 7-3 M-F and would be on call if needed.. CNA's stay there during the night.. I would basicaly be over the CNA's and give meds.. call in doctors appointments and so on.. My question is what kind of pay do these kinds of places offer? I really want to work there because it seems like it would be wonderful!! Also there is about 20 patients.
    I am a new grad and this would be my first job.. if anyone has any info on assisted living that would help I would greatly appreciate you posting a reply!
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  3. by   MrsMommaRN
    assisted living is a nice start for a new grad and this is only my opinion. you will not keep up on any of the clinical skills that you just spent so much time learning. if dressings need done, or tube feeds, anything other than basic meds the al facilities around here will have the family or the facility will contract out agency to do that care even though you as a trained registered nurse know how to do that care.
    on the good side you will be with wonderful patients that need minimal assistance from you other than med passes and arrangements for transportation. best of luck on whatever you decide.