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I'm training to become a volunteer omsbudsman/ resident advocate. I'm really exited about doing this, but wanted to know what the omsbudsman looked like from the point of view of the nurses and... Read More

  1. by   alintanurse
    When I worked LTC--the ombudsman seemed a little too close to the facilities administration. and she let them direct the patients care. I don't think she really made a difference.
  2. by   Todd SPN
    I was one before becoming a nurse. In my state you cannot be a nurse and an ombudsman at the same time. If I were to quit my job as a nurse I would have to wait 3 years before becoming eligible again. That said, I ran into quite a few cases where I made a difference. The ombud that comes to our facility is a pain in the a$$. She doesn't look at both sides of the story and takes the word of the resident's only. The problem being, of course, many of these resident's don't have a normal thought process and how they perceive the situation can be far removed from reality. :hatparty: :stone :chuckle
  3. by   Marti Ann
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    I live in FL. Could you lead me to a website on the ombudsmen process in FL.? Thanks